Luis Escobar talks about choosing the right Miami dog trainer

Does your dog bark uncontrollably? Pull on the leash? Have housebreaking issues? Exhibit destructive behaviors? Act aggressively with other dogs?

You’re going to need a Miami dog trainer. Not just any dog trainer – one that produces results for you leading to a well-behaved dog.

I have trained thousands of dogs throughout the years of all ages and breeds. I have many clients who have tried other dog trainers with no success. Why? Because they didn’t produce the results they said they would and their dog was still misbehaving.

There are hundreds of Miami dog trainers to choose from. The key is finding a great one. Here is what to look for:

  1. Philosophy of dog training. There are may different types of dog training methods. Some trainers use shock or prong collars while other trainers use treats. Treats are good for short-term results, but you need to carry treats on you at all times! Physical training (alpha rolling, shock collars) can create worse aggression in a dog that is already aggressive or can create aggression if a dog is already timid or fearful. Bark Busters’ philosophy relies on the ways dogs naturally communicate. When they are with their pup Mom, she doesn’t use prong collars or treats to get her litter to behave. Instead, she uses voice tones and body gestures. This is how Bark Busters teaches you to develop a relationship with your dog based on love, trust and respect.
  2. Dog training location. Where will your trainer conduct her lessons. Group training lessons are good for the “average” dog, but can’t focus on any individual dog issues. That’s why Bark Busters Miami creates a one-one customized training plan that addresses your dog’s specific issues. Our training lessons occur in your home where your dog is most comfortable and where most issues occur. How can you teach your dog door manners in a classroom?
  3. Time. Your time training your dog should not be tortuous – it should be fun! You must be 100% committed to training your dog, because any method requires homework and repetition. Your dog will continue to challenge you until he understands that YOU are in control versus him. It will. take patience, but I guarantee you with the right training it will work!
  4. Reviews. Technology makes it easy to check out a business’s reputation. For instance, you can view how my customers respond to my Miami dog training by clicking here.

Trust your instincts. Do your research. Visit websites. I hope this advice has been helpful. Finding a good dog trainer can be a daunting task with so many options to choose from but if you do your research, the field will narrow, and your choice should be clearer.

Feel free to contact me – Luis Escobar, a Mimai dog trainer – by calling 877-500-2275 or emailing me.

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