#luis escobar, Miami dog trainerHi. My name is Luis Escobar and I am your dog trainer In the Miami, Florida area. If you are like me and most of my Florida clients, your dogs are a part of your family. Therefore, their training is extremely personal. When I come into your home for dog training, I take my responsibility very seriously and I know how unique your dog truly is.

1. I am fluent in English and Spanish. Unfortunately, your dog can’t speak either language! Instead, I will teach you to speak to your dog in a language he understands using voice tones and body language. . When you establish yourself as the “pack leader”, your dog will know you are in charge and will begin to listen to you and react accordingly. Remember dogs still have the pack mentality and each pack needs a leader … that will be you!

2. I am both an MD and dog trainer. Unique combination isn’t it? It distinctively positions me to understand your dog physically and mentally. I also love both dogs and people, so this way I get to do both. I have trained hundreds of Miami dogs. With more than 16 years of experience, I am a veteran trainer, having seen virtually every dog issue. have trained every breed, from puppies to senior dogs.

3. I have saved hundreds of dogs from being rehomed or euthanized. Part of the BarkBusters’ mission is to have dogs who through no fault of their own have been placed in a shelter. It is a myth that shelter dogs have too much baggage. Often, they are abandoned because their pet parents couldn’t deal with an issue or their living circumstances changed. Many dog owners are at the end of their rope when they call me and I am their last hope. Maybe your neighbors are complaining about your dog’s barking or your dog has bitten a person or another dog. No problem … I can help you overcome even the toughest of behaviors. In fact, I am often called when other dog training methods have failed.

4. I have been in your shoes. I have owned dogs since I was a child. Mutts, pure breds, you name it. Until I became a BarkBusters’ trainer and saw what was possible, I didn’t know how mischievous my dogs were. I tolerated some of their behaviors because it was easier.

5. I know that no two dogs are alike. Your dog is unique, with his own personality, breed, history and genetic traits. There are reasons behind each of his/her behaviors. My job is to get to the root of the behavior because once we know why, we can fix it! I will come into your home and develop a one-on-one training program to address your dog’s issues. There is no “off the shelf” dog training component to BarkBusters.

6. Dog training is more than a career. It is an understatement that I love dogs. I am lucky that my job has a very philanthropic edge – helping pet parents to have well-mannered dogs. For me, it’s not a career, it’s a passion. I am very patient and love to change the family dynamics around dogs so everyone can enjoy the companionship that a dog brings. I live to see the joy on pet parent’s faces when their dog begins to behave. Your will see IMMEDIATE results before our first training session is even over:

7. I can handle the toughest dogs. I know that dogs aren’t born aggressive, but this issue can quickly develop. I have helped pet parents to overcome biting, separation anxiety, dogs trying to eat the cat and more! In fact, Bark Busters is often called in after other training methods have failed.

8. I volunteer at shelters and rescue centers. Many dogs at shelters are there not because they are bad dogs, but because they had issues or circumstances beyond their control. Myself and many other Bark Busters’ trainers volunteer to help these dogs before they are adopted.

9. I do not judge. Is your dog “the worst dog ever?” Don’t be afraid to tell me every problem you are having with your dog. It’s like people who go to the doctor and are afraid to admit all their bad habits. My job is NOT to judge, but to help. I promise you, I have seen way worse dogs than yours!

10. I offer gentle training methods. There are many different training programs around. I do not use shock or prong collars, punishment or treat training, but I surely don’t judge people who have tried this. Instead, Bark Busters relies on gentle, humane methods based on the ways dogs naturally communicate.

I hope this has given you some insights into myself as a trainer and that you’ll feel more comfortable calling me. My name is Luis Escobar and I am the best Miami dog trainer! Read what my clients have to say.

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