Emma | Miami

November-22-2019 Bark busters rating

Luis has been phenomenal! Our dog, Beano, was not doing great in many situations. He was very hard to manage when walking outside, barking aggressively at other dogs, barking at people upon entering our house and having separation anxiety. We were recommended to Luis/Bark Busters from someone with a very well behaved dog at the dog park. Luis has been so helpful and patient, showing us that our dog is very capable of being so well behaved. The skills we have learned from Luis have completely changed our day to day lives with Beano and I would highly recommend this dog training to everyone! Beano is responding very well to the training.

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samantha | Miami Beach, Miami-Dade

November-06-2019 Bark busters rating

we have worked with two prior trainers before finding Luis. other trainers, while highly recommended did not assist us in establishing lasting behavior change. bribery with a cookie is easy to establish, but does not lay the foundation for respect. we have a very loving dog, but he thought he was human and his excitement and separation anxiety was heartbreaking and embarrassing. if we took him out for a walk and I went into a shop - even though left with my husband - our dog would create a scene to get to me. putting on my shoes for a walk or returning to the home was met with jumping and uncontrollable excitement. Luis is honestly amazing. he makes taking control easy to establish with a few simple steps. he is responsive and kind. we still have a very sweet dog (still thinks he is human, maybe out fault), but we also have a dog who is calm and a pleasure to take out with us. he is much safer around our son without the excitement and jumping, and everyone in the house is happier.

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Paula | Hialeah, Miami-Dade

October-06-2019 Bark busters rating

AMAZING! I’ll start by saying that the service from the moment I picked the phone to call them , to the moment Luis (dog behaviorist and trainer) came to my house , everything has been amazing . To share a little bit of my story my dog has been suffering from separation anxiety after my other pet passed away. After trying many different things (creams, pills, collars , music , etc) nothing was working . The situation got so bad that neighbors complained about the loud howling my beagle was making . But that’s when LUIS came to the RESCUE :)! he explained everything so clearly and focused not only on our dog , but also on US! He teaches you how to be a leader in the house , and works with you to focus on what mistakes you’re making , so your dog can behave the correct way. After my first session , I can understand my dog better now and will continue working on the exercises and homework Luis left with us. Definitely look forward to the next session . Please don’t give up on your dogs :)! They are our great furry friends and with the great help that Luis can provide , they can be on an amazing track of becoming amazing dogs.

Puppy managementSeparation anxiety

Loriana | Miami, Miami-Dade

September-25-2019 Bark busters rating

Luis was an extremely professional and accomplished dog trainer. Within a relatively short time frame, all concerning behaviors were addressed and we were able to see major changes in them. Completely satisfied. Excellent work, Luis!

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Autumn | Lauderdale by the sea

August-28-2019 Bark busters rating

I have two Yorke’s and have been having a lot of problems with them barking excessively, especially when I am not home. They are 4 years old and I just recently moved into a high rise building. Prior to moving, I lived in a single family home where they had run of the house and back yard and learned some very bad habits. Anyway, I contacted bark busters and Luis came out because I was getting letters from the HOA and on the verge of being evicted because of the dogs excessive barking. Luis was amazing, we saw instant results, which I was not expecting!!! He was there for 3 hours, spent the first hour explaining to us how dogs think and reacting and why our dogs were acting the way they were. The next two hours were spent teaching us how to work with our dogs and setting up a training plan. My dogs are like different dogs. They are even more enjoyable then before and they are happier as well. So are my neighbors. I NEVER write reviews, but I had to in this case because it was such a great experience and positive outcome!! You need to do the homework and reinforce what you are taught. Highly recommend this service if you are looking to correct some bad behaviors in a positive way!!


Kevin | Miami, Miami-Dade

August-22-2019 Bark busters rating

Luis is one of a kind. A true professional. He has been helping us get our beloved dog Ron get some bad behaviors under control. The trick with Luis is he doesn’t teach the dog, he teaches the owners! We first had Luis come out about a year ago, and he was great with us and our dog. We needed a bit of a refresher course, so we had him come out again recently. The guy is a magician! I highly recommend Luis and Barkbusters.

AggressionHyperactivityPullingSeparation anxiety

Barbara | Miami, Miami-Dade

August-10-2019 Bark busters rating

Luis thank you so much for coming to our home. You are amazing. My husband and I were in shock of how well our dog responded to the training. So much for the saying that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Best decision I made was calling you. For the last 10 years my dogs behaviors have been all wrong because we were doing everything wrong. Thank you for guiding us and giving us the tools we need to enjoy our dog. I know we have a lot of work to do, but I am excited to finally take control as the leader of the pack.

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upPullingSeparation anxiety

IVY | Miami

July-16-2019 Bark busters rating

My first 3+ hour session with Luis was an eye opener. 40+ years of training dogs was altered with Luis's Dog's Perception Training Method. I have my work cut out for me, but if i master the "language of dog" i might just be able to accomplish the near impossible with my bright, rambunctious , Bouvier pup........only time, lots of effort and Luis's expertise will tell. I am duly impressed with this innovative approach.


Elizabeth | Miami Gardens

June-16-2019 Bark busters rating

Luis was amazing. He instantly got my dog and I, on the same page. I hate to say it but we received instant results. From the moment we were taught to get respect from her, in regards to the door, every time so looks at us for permission. Subtle things that I did not know were wrong have been improved and things are getting even better every day. I can not thank him enough!!!


Carlos | Miramar

June-14-2019 Bark busters rating

he technique used by barkbusters trainer is unique and very easy. We had four unruly dogs and with Luis' help our home is now civil and an easy-going, nuisance barking free zone in a bout 3 days we noticed a huge change in our dogs' behavior. Luis Escobar is thorough and gives great details and examples of the training techniques used. I strongly recommend this service for anyone that needs control of their four-legged kids. I must say that homework is a must and following the trainer's advice is a must. This was money well spent.

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Elayna | Margate

April-15-2019 Bark busters rating

I Have used Bark Busters for the past year. Luis is absolutely amazing. I called Luis again to help me with Zena, a doberman shepard mix. She has become a little aggressive and barking at everything. Luis made the time for me with his busy schedule. It is so appreciated. I do not know what I would have done without him!! Zena is so much calmer already after you trained me again.!!! And of course I am calmer too. Thank you .

AggressionBarkingPullingSeparation anxiety

Kendra | Miami

February-06-2019 Bark busters rating

Luis came to our house and spend 3 hours with us and our puppy. He was AMAZING, extremely knowledgeable and helped not only our puppy, but taught us how to handle her behavior. Definitely, the best dog trainer in Miami.

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Claudia | Miami, Miami-Dade

January-28-2019 Bark busters rating

Luis came and explained al the steps I had to do with my dog , the main thing is to be consistent I will be giving an update once I finish my 5 week homework . The key is to follow his advice and be consistent . Our session lasted 3 hours he took his time and full attention on our session . He is very professional and he knows what he is doing ! Claudia

Separation anxiety

Alex | Miami

January-18-2019 Bark busters rating

I honestly don’t know what we would have done without Luis! Worth absolutely every penny, and more. He educated us how to be the best “puppy parents” we could possibly be, and has been there every step of the way after (even when our little man didn’t feel well from eating some of his puppy pad). Can’t be more thrilled with Luis!

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Calvin | Miami, Miami-Dade

January-09-2019 Bark busters rating

Luis is simply great at his job. He trains you so you can train your dog. Since hiring him, my dog is 95% better. I’m very happy with Luis.

AggressionPullingSeparation anxiety

Gary Keith | Miami Beach, Miami-Dade

November-19-2018 Bark busters rating

I must say that we were quite skeptical of trainers because this was our 4th trainer, and the first 3 were not very productive. However, our experience with Luis Escobar has been very positive and productive. From the beginning Luis has been very responsive to our calls. He has an outstanding ability to quickly gain respect of our dog (Maggie - A Mini Golden Doodle) and to explain and train us in down to earth and logical terms. The results have been pretty amazing over the past 6 months. Luis and the Bark Busters engagement was set up for us by our breeder and we cannot say enough about what a positive experience it has been working with Luis. From the moment Luis drives up in front of our home, Maggie suddenly becomes an angel. The control and command he has over her using no treats or hurting her in any way is inspiring to us and keeps us motivated to replicate his techniques. Although we are not totally "there" yet, the progress has been excellent and it's clear that the remaining minor deficiencies are more of an issue with the parents than with Maggie. We would not hesitate for one moment to strongly recommend Bark Busters and Luis Escobar! We were also so impressed with our breeder (Country Mini Doodles Farms in central Florida) who has totally stood behind Maggie by helping us with this engagement! Thank you so much Luis, and look forward to continued success!

BarkingDiggingHyperactivityJumping upPullingPuppy managementRecall

Brook | Hallandale beach

November-10-2018 Bark busters rating

Luis is an AMAZING trainer!!! My puppy Motek responded and absorbed the training after the first time Luis taught us how to stop his bad behavior. We just started the first lesson and less then 5 minutes in, my puppy was listening completely! After the first lesson mu puppy is now listening and understands that his owners make the rules, and are the Alphas! There is no other trainer better to go to. Your wild dog or puppy will be submissive and a different dog after 10 minutes at most! And you can call Luis to come back any time. It could be years and years later, and Luis will come back and train your puppy or dog. If you want your puppy or dog to listen, and be the best dog they can be, Call Luis!! There is no other way to go!!

HyperactivityJumping upPuppy managementRecallOther

Erica | Miami, Miami-Dade

October-01-2018 Bark busters rating

We absolutely loved working with Luis and we were so excited when we saw results with our Lulu immediately. During the training, it was easy to see how much Lulu took to Luis, connected with him and respected him. The best parts about Luis’ training is that it focuses on positive reinforcement, teaches us how to understand our dog better to encourage positive behavior and is all done with one holistic approach. Days later we are still seeing results and couldn’t be happier. Behaviors we didn’t think we could fix and commands we didn’t think we could implement are now nonexistent issues. We would recommend Bark Busters and Luis specifically to anyone looking for help with their dog.

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Aileen | Fort Lauderdale, Broward

September-15-2018 Bark busters rating

Luis was great. As first time dog owners, we needed "puppy coaching". After trying other trainers with minimal results, Luis exceeded our expectations. No need for shock collars or bribing dog with treats! In one 2 hour session, he coached us on how to transform the behavior of our puppy in a compassionate and healthy manner! Well worth the investment.

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Rusty | Miami, Miami-Dade

August-31-2018 Bark busters rating

Luis did an amazing job in helping me understand dog behavior. I found the initial consultation process very insightful and more importantly Pax was responding quickly and effectively to each new command. I highly recommend Luis to anyone who is serious about correcting bad behavior and establishing new ones for a truly enjoyable experience with your pet.


David | Miami, Miami-Dade

August-10-2018 Bark busters rating

Luis is a wonderful and expert trainer. He knows how to teach people to train dogs. He keeps the focus on the principles needed to successfully raise a dog. I've taken and put those principles in a prominent place in my house to remind me of how to teach my dog. When you contact Luis, he gets back to you immediately. He demonstrates a superior understanding of the canine species and he is generous with him time and expertise. We love our dog and we love the guidance that Luis has given us.

HyperactivityPullingPuppy managementToileting

john | Fort Lauderdale, Broward

August-10-2018 Bark busters rating

Luis has spent a number of sessions with my wife, myself and our Silver Labrador who is two years and three months old. A very sweet dog overall, however, we did spoil him and treat him as a youngster instead of a dog thus we created a couple of problems. Luis very quickly helped us and put us on a plan to correct the behavior. He is prompt, enjoyable to work with, loves dogs and what he does as well as having a great sense of humor. We are well on our way to having changed the behavior and there is no way that we could have done it without his help, experience and teaching. I would recommend Luis to others and not even look elsewhere. He is the best of the best professionals.

AggressionJumping upSibling rivalry

Kathry | Miami, Miami-Dade

August-06-2018 Bark busters rating

Almost a year after Luis first worked with us and Ranger, we called him back for a refresher session. We were pleased last year and started really working with Ranger and then just sort of let things fall to the side. We had some success with front door / houseguest introductions, but the leash walking was a disaster. Luis came back and within 15 minutes order was restored - which tells me that our dog is very smart and willing to please - we are the problem. We will be more diligent with setting the rules and enforcing desired behaviors this time. Luis did not scold us (which would have been deserved) but was very encouraging that we can get back on track. We would highly recommend him and for anyone wondering if they should call for a followup - you should!


Yosmel | Hialeah, Miami-Dade

August-04-2018 Bark busters rating

Luis was professional, patient and helped me solve all the issues with my dogs In just a few hours.

HyperactivityJumping upPullingRecall

Leah | Miami

July-29-2018 Bark busters rating

Wow what a difference it makes to learn "puppy talk". Being with Luis was like getting a PHD In understanding my dog. It is so much more than just sit and stay. In just a few days we are on the right track. I have a very good puppy and I am sure that we will have great future together. She has me and my daughter, She is social and very smart. She is a puppy who needs us and we need here, Now we are starting to speak the same language. Thank you Luis for your help and guidance. BARK is you agree!


Leah | Miami

July-29-2018 Bark busters rating

Wow what a difference it makes to learn "puppy talk". Being with Luis was like getting a PHD In understanding my dog. It is so much more than just sit and stay. In just a few days we are on the right track. I have a very good puppy and I am sure that we will have great future together. She has me and my daughter, She is social and very smart. She is a puppy who needs us and we need here, Now we are starting to speak the same language. Thank you Luis for your help and guidance. BARK is you agree!


Shawn | Miami

July-29-2018 Bark busters rating

I had a wonderful second lesson with Luis. He came within one week of my contacting him and he was very responsive. His initial visit with me was approximately eight months before. I moved into a new home and one of my dogs had fallen back into her old ways given the new environment. Luis came for about a 45 minute refresher, and it made a big difference. He also offered to help with issues that I had not initially called him about. I highly recommend Luis’ services, and the company stands by the guarantee!

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upRecall

Margaret | North Miami

May-05-2018 Bark busters rating

OMGOSH, OMGOSH!!!!!! I wish I could give Luis Escobar 10 stars!!!!!!!!! I was anxiously awaiting today for Luis to train my German Shepherd, Heidi!! Luis showed me, how to get Heidi to do the behavior I want her to do and we didn't even use any commands!! This Bark Busters is AWESOME, Luis is AWESOME!!!! I am so excited about working with my dog now, without me getting so frustrated with her!!!!! Thank you Bark Busters!!!!!!!

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Edie | Coral Gables

April-27-2018 Bark busters rating

I can't speak highly enough about Luis and Bark Busters! It was the best money every spent. I contacted Bark Busters because my rescue, Lucy had fear anxiety and showing dominant traits. She was constantly growling and barking when people would come to the house and I know my cavalier was fearful of her. I thought I was a good mom since I was able to train her to be obedient but couldn't figure out why she was acting this way. Luis explained to me that obedience and behavior are two very different things. Once he explained to me why she was behaving this way (she felt like she had to be in charge) and what I needed to do to fix it (think like a dog), I had an "Aha"moment. You don't need to be brilliant, you just need to follow through on what he teaches you. Lucy is now able to join all of our parties! She knows how to greet people appropriately and my cavalier will even lay with her now on occasion! The change happened almost immediately. By the 3rd visit, Luis asked me how else he could help Lucy and me and I didn't even have an answer!! The best part...Lucy is now much happier since she knows that she doesn't have to take care of me anymore because she knows that now I have HER back! Thank you Luis!!!!!


Cecelia | Miami

April-23-2018 Bark busters rating

Luis was excellent. He watched Milo and interacted with him so he could see the behaviors I want to correct. He helped me recognize the triggers for each behavior and carefully explained and demonstrated what I need to do to correct Milo's bad behavior. He was very detailed and made sure I understood that I need to train myself and do lots of homework with Milo. After the one session I have been able to control the barking better and his aggressiveness to other dogs while on leash. I am looking forward to demonstrating tremendous improvement when Luis follows up in 2 weeks.


Renée M. | Bay Harbor Islands

March-28-2018 Bark busters rating

Luis Escobar is over the top, and my very own "dog whisperer!!" Every time he visits, he blows me away with his knowledge, insight, patience, enthusiasm, and --most important -- love for my smart and over energized puppy. I enjoy how he mixes humor with instruction; and really appreciate that he is always relaxed, unhurried and truly committed to helping me lay the foundation for a well behaved and respectful companion of a lifetime.

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Andrea | Miami

January-27-2018 Bark busters rating

We haven't been able to correct our dog's behavior , we have tried about 3 different trainers. Luis, with Bark Busters, was our last hope. Ron (our dog and love of our life) has issues with nipping at people (and children), barking and jumping, lunging at other dogs while on walks, and trying to chase after skateboards, bike,motorcycles. We have been trying to gain control of him because other than that he's a wonderful dog. Luis came over today and within 10 minutes of meeting Ron (after sitting with us for about 45minutes and explaining what we need to do) ron's Behavior completely changed. We didn't use any physical Contact, choke collars, food bribes, just a shift in our communication with him. Luis explained that Ron responded really well and the results will be left to us. We have committed to continue working with Ron. We are so so grateful for Luis and HIGHLY recommend him for everyone !

BarkingJumping upPullingSibling rivalrySeparation anxiety

Thays | Aventura

January-27-2018 Bark busters rating

Amazing experience will recommend Mr Luis Escobar .Thank you so much

AggressionBarkingJumping upOther

Monee | Miami Beach

January-16-2018 Bark busters rating

A MIRACLE !!! LUIS TRULY IS THE MIRACLE WORKER (as another client reported) in Changing Dog Behavior using the Bark Busters Technique! Luis gave me MY MIRACLE today as He changed my dog's behavior from Outta Control High Energy and Not Listening to me, Mouthing (chewing on my hand and arm with SHARP puppy teeth, not using the Pee Pee pad, Pulling on the Leash, Non stop Barking, Not coming when called and playing the "Catch Me if You Can game" all the time to: Calm Normal Energy Behavior on Verbal command, No More chewing on my Hand / Arm on Verbal command, Using the Pee Pee Pad on schedule, Stopped Barking on Verbal command, and Come when called on Verbal command. Luis EDUCATED me on how to "Speak Dog" and to Think and Act like I am the "Leader of the Pack. Luis also educated me on how to use the Bark Busters Technique to Educate my Dog after he PROOVED to me that he could change my dog's behavior by using the Bark Busters Technique! I watched it with my own eyes and saw my dog respond to this Technique and stop all the chaotic behaviors in the First Session with Luis! The Bark Busters Technique does Not use Physical force, No Shock collar, No choke collar, No Citronella Spray collar, No Yelling, and No Treats. The Bark Busters Technique only uses Body Language, Verbal Command, and Verbal Praise. My dog's changed Behavior in the First Session with Luis is PROOF that it works! It is a Miracle! I Now live in Peace and not chaos. I am in control and Not my dog. No more outta control behavior or non stop barking. Luis is an Excellent Educator and Coach !!! I am Sooo Grateful that He educated me on how to "Speak Dog" to Educate my dog to change her Behavior! Luis is exremely intelligent, and able to communicate his knowledge in a Professional, Logical manner. He was wonderfully gentle yet in control of my Dog when using the Bark Busters Technique to change her behavior. I am forever grateful that I hired Luis as the cost of the Bark Busters Training was worth every penny and more for me to regain control of my house and to have peace and calm energy while training my dog to Respect me and have Good Dog Manners and socially appropriate behavior in the house and outside in public. I Strongly Recommend Luis Escobar to Train You to be the "Leader of the Pack" so You can Train Your Dog to Respect You with Good Dog Manners and Socially Appropriate Behavior. The Bark Busters Technique Truly Works and Luis is the Ultimate Coach !!! With Infinite Gratitude, Thank You Luis!

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Jessica | Miami

January-15-2018 Bark busters rating

The training taught me how to deal with my dog. The training is more about the owner and how you train and treat your dog. Luis was an amazing teacher. I'm happy with the excercises. I work retail so my parents are with the dog a lot and even though I'm not there, I come home and I can tell he respects me as the pack leader already. I am going to push myself to practice with everyday. This was so worth it. Luis is amazing and such a people person. I love it! Will do another review in the next 3 months.

ChewingPullingToiletingPuppy managementOther

Paulina | Sunny Isles Beach

December-07-2017 Bark busters rating

Leo has barking and aggression problems. Luis gave me the correct instructions to help Leo with those problems. After working with those techniques, Leo had positive result in the first lesson!! Amazing!! Luis showed me how to build up Leo's confidence and let him know I am the leader and not him. From the first moment, Luis had a professional and unique approach which really works. I am truly grateful for everything he has taught me! He is an amazing professional! I can't recommend him enough. Thank you very much Luis!!!!!


Larry | Hialeah

December-06-2017 Bark busters rating

Luis is amazing trainer. He had an instant connection with our two minuter schnauzer. Our puppies behavior changed instantaneously. We were flabbergasted on how effective bark buster methodologies are and of course our trainer.

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vivian | Pembroke Pines

November-09-2017 Bark busters rating

Luis very polite friendly and knowledgeable. The results were immediate. Currently the barking is under control when in the past I could not get them to stop barking wow what a relief. Thank you Luis you are great.

BarkingPullingRecallSibling rivalrySeparation anxietyToiletingPuppy managementOther

Shawn | Miami

October-02-2017 Bark busters rating

Luis was exceptionally well-mannered and understanding about all the issues I was facing with my dogs. Some background, I have a five year old Labrador Retriever mix and another less than year old puppy. The puppy has never been trained, and she was rescued from an abusive home. She has a lot of issues with excessive barking, not being able to control her bladder, and jumping on everything. My older dog has serious separation anxiety, and we have really fallen behind on her training since she was a puppy. I never thought that I would be able to get these dogs off the furniture, much less stop jumping up on everything. After one afternoon with Luis, I have seen remarkable progress in one day. The dogs have not jumped up once, and are staying off the furniture. Not to mention, I have not heard any barking. Luis receives my highest recommendation.

BarkingChewingHyperactivityJumping upPullingSeparation anxietyPuppy management

Arianna | miami beach

July-13-2017 Bark busters rating

Luis is truly amazing!! I am astonished by the help I received today along with all the things I've learned. Prince is already a changed little man! I highly recommend Luis

BarkingSeparation anxiety

Valeria | Miami

July-09-2017 Bark busters rating

Thank you Luis for your help... me and my family have a lot to work to do but having Mojo be more confident, and better ha no price!

AggressionBarkingSeparation anxietyToileting

Gregory | Sunny Isles Beach

July-08-2017 Bark busters rating

Yoy are the best. you are real professional Thank You very much!!!!!

ChewingHyperactivityPuppy management

Camille | Miami

July-06-2017 Bark busters rating

Amazing. The dog's behavior has significantly improved and they are much calmer.

BarkingJumping upSeparation anxiety

SCOTT | Miami Beach

May-19-2017 Bark busters rating

Today I had a follow up visit with Luis Escobar and the training of my dog, Gizmo. I couldn't be more happy. Luis refreshed me on some of the lessons I learned last time. It was great to see the progression Gizmo has made since our first lesson two weeks ago. This training REALLY DOES WORK. The key to it, is practice practice practice. Do the homework, listen to Luis, read the information Luis gives you and don't be afraid to contact Luis if you need help. It is a lot of information given, but very valuable. I am so happy with the results and recommend Bark Busters and the training for anyone looking to learn and train their dogs. Thank you Luis.

Jumping upPullingSeparation anxietyOther

Philip | Miami

May-13-2017 Bark busters rating

Incredible system. My family is thrilled with the results and we look forward to continuing the training.

ChewingDiggingHyperactivityPuppy management

Stephanie | Tamiami

April-28-2017 Bark busters rating

I am amazed by this wonderful experience. Luis was INCREDIBLE! He explained exactly why my puppy behaves the way he does and how to fix the behavior. In just 2 hours, my family and I learned so much and we can't wait to practice and see how our puppy's behavior improves. Before this I thought that my puppy would just have socialization issues for the rest of his life but Luis gave us hope. What I paid does not even compare to what Luis has given me and my family. I will definitely recommend Bark Busters and Luis to everyone I know. Thank you so much Luis!

AggressionBarkingJumping upPullingRecall

Scott | Miami Beach

April-28-2017 Bark busters rating

Seldom do I take the time to write a review, but I had to make an exception for Luis Escobar with Bark Busters. I met with Luis recently for in-home training with my one year old puppy, Gizmo. I had Gizmo trained a bit when he was 5 months old, but felt it was time to continue to do a little more training with walking on a leash, barking, jumping, and most importantly "marking" in the house. I was not sure how long something like this would take. But knew i needed it. I read all Luis's reviews and decided to give it a shot. I was so surprised and really in shock after my experience. His expertise in nearly every aspect of training and raising a dog was complimented by his friendly, kind, and informative demeanor. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Luis taught me and Gizmo more in the span of three hours than I learned from other trainings, books and friends. It was incredible. I could not believe how much Gizmo learned as well as how much I did too. There was so much that Luis taught me that was SO beneficial. As long as you do the homework, spend some time each day and do what Luis teaches you, it WORKS!!! It really works!!! If you are a dog owner and need help with training, refreshing lessons, or just need to learn something new, then look no further than Luis Escobar from Bark Busters. He really is amazing and has made my life so much better and improved Gizmo's. Thank you

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upSeparation anxietyOther

Tony | Dania Beach

April-06-2017 Bark busters rating

I am overwhelmed by the amazing difference in Baxter. He is happy, relaxed, controlled and genuinely a joy to walk! He has taken to everything we learned nearly immediately and as we continue to reinforce the techniques, he is only getting better! NO JUMPING, no leash pulling, no door charging. He's a completely new dog and still quite young so we are just THRILLED! The steps are easy and the techniques are simple. THANK YOU!

BarkingHyperactivityJumping upPullingRecall

Shadya | Miami

April-04-2017 Bark busters rating

I am very grateful to Luis Escobar. He is a very kind and knowledgeable and professional. In less than 2 hours, my dog did things that I had never achieved, for example, walking beside me, obeying when I call him or do not eat food that falls on the floor. Escobar taught me to change my perspective of how I see my dog; this helped me to anticipate actions that need to be corrected, in a simple, friendly and stress-free way. The techniques that Luis taught me and put into practice had an effect on my dog the same day. There are still other behaviors that need to be corrected, but those take more time and perseverance, but I can already see the difference in my dog. For those who still think it is not possible, and are struggling with your dog's behaviors, try Bark Buster method. It is real, and it works. Luis will be honest with you, and he will not take your money. Thank you so much for your help.

BarkingPullingSeparation anxietyToiletingOther

Diana | Miami

March-30-2017 Bark busters rating

Luis was wonderful. His narrative was very thorough and he gave terrific examples and analogies. He was very respectful of the relationship between us and our dog, and understood that we did not want to change Floki's friendly demeanor or his puppy-like enthusiasm, but only the problematic behavior. By the time he left, the dog honored a door-boundary set for him and was no longer jumping on people as they entered. With two days practice, the dog is very receptive to new rules established using the basic principles taught by Luis. (We're still working on leash behavior, but I have no doubt that will come...) The system is amazing! Thank you, Luis and Bark Busters!!

DiggingHyperactivityJumping upPullingSeparation anxiety

Ryan | South miami

March-14-2017 Bark busters rating

Very productive, very insightful, very helpful


Edward | cooper city

February-11-2017 Bark busters rating

Luis was amazing with our beloved dogs ,the way he explained what and how the training would go. The dogs responded very well to what Luis was trying to show us and them. Now we just have to reinforce what Luis showed us.LOVE Bark Busters thank you Luis.

AggressionBarkingHyperactivityJumping upPuppy management

Kim | Plantation

October-12-2016 Bark busters rating

We love Luis! Corky responded very well and we look forward to lesson 2. Luis is very patient and kind and glad we found him!

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Melissa | Miami

September-14-2016 Bark busters rating

Luis is very professional and has a lot of knowledge in dog behavior. From the first lesson Indigo was very responsive and Luis was very patient with us, our questions and the mistakes we made trying to learn the new methodology. He is also very responsive when contacted and always gets back to me almost immediately. Because of this and many more reasons he has my highest recommendation!

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Crystal | Davie

August-30-2016 Bark busters rating

This has been our first experience training a dog, so we needed help on everything. Bhindi was just 3 months old and a super energetic Jack Russell / Parsons Russell terrier mix rescue, who was eating the puppy pee pads, and everything else. Now, she is 5 months old and is 99% house trained, listens to commands and is very responsive. We still have work to do, but we are extremely happy with the progress we have made with Luis' help. We love our puppy very much!

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Scott & Ramona | Miami Beach

July-31-2016 Bark busters rating

Luis and Bark Busters training will change your life with your dog. We started using him after much research when Montana was a puppy. Since the first visit until today,which was visit number four, the information received is invaluable. Our puppy is nine months old and has never chewed on anything except his toys. He listens, respects boundaries, plays well with others (cats included) does not jump on small children OR adults. Potty trained quickly. This would of not been possible without Luis and Bark Busters. If you looking for professional help look no further!!

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Ebru | Miami

July-19-2016 Bark busters rating

I have my dog for 5 years and he barks, he is aggressive and he used to pull me like crazy. But after Luis came to help, he changed that in 3 mins. He didnt even touched my dog. And he gave me practices. He gained my dog's confident, helped me be in control and he made my dog trust me so he is not acting crazy anymore! I am still practicing, but I really appreciate his help...thank you a million times!

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Janet | Hollywood

July-16-2016 Bark busters rating

Luis Escobar is the best! This man saved my and my dog Chloe's life. I was at my wits end and he came in and immediately answered all my questions and solved my dog's behavioral problems. I just can't recommend him and Bark Busters enough!!

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Alex | Miami Beach

July-08-2016 Bark busters rating

EXCELLENT! Luis gave me excellent advice and guidance to have the perfect puppy.. Even though my puppy was quite easy, his guidance and common sense helped me to keep my patience when he became difficult and frustrating to manage. Luis has an easy and soothing manner with the client and puppy to help one achieve the kind of relationship one wants with your dog. In some ways, he trains the client so that one can correct behavior. I thought that I was good at training my dogs (this one is my 4th in my adult life).. I feel that I am now better at understanding what a puppy needs from me in order to develop our relationship.

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Ronda | Miramar

June-09-2016 Bark busters rating

Daisy is a very shy dog, who I rescued two years ago. Most of the time, she got along with my husband, but would growl or bark at him, if he made sudden movements. She also lunged and barked playfully at other dogs we passed on our walks, and although she meant no harm, she startled many pet owners. Luis showed my husband and me how to be the pack leaders, and we saw results within a couple of days. She no longer barks or growls at my husband, and she walks beside me and doesn't pull on her leash. She's doing better with passing other dogs on walks. She does very well, if the other dog is well-behaved, but she struggles to control herself when the other dog is barking and lunging toward her. I'm confident she'll master walking by all of the dogs very soon! Luis was very kind, very patient, and very knowledgable. I have recommended him to several people in our neighborhood. He really transformed our fur baby in only one lesson!


Jessica | Bal Harbour

May-29-2016 Bark busters rating

I am truly bewildered. Bowie was impossible before Luis came over and gave us our first lesson. When we read other reviews we were skeptical but it was really amazing. It was as though he put a spell over the puppy. We are unbelievably amazed and grateful.

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Melissa | Miami Beach

May-27-2016 Bark busters rating

When we reached out to Luis, our dog was unpredictable with dogs and strangers, something we didn't know how to handle. In the first session, Luis taught us simple techniques for walking and correcting behavior that helped us see results almost immediately. Since the first session, we've continued to text/call Luis with any questions that come up. He always gets back to us quickly and really takes his time giving us advice. During follow-up visits, he's able to quickly pinpoint where WE (not our dog) need improvement. Even the most subtle suggestion about our timing when correcting or even showing hesitation when we walk, instantly made a difference. While there is still room for improvement, we've been making some big progress. With Luis' guidance, I just recently started taking him to my busy workplace, where he's constantly approached by people and other dogs, something I never would have considered doing a few months ago.


Gwen | Cooper City

April-13-2016 Bark busters rating

I had signed up with Bark Busters 3 years ago because I liked the idea of a lifetime guarantee. I know from having my previous dog trained how quickly I ended up spending $1,200 after a few months training. Unfortunately, I had one lesson with my current dog Lilly and ended up getting pretty sick and was not able to continue training her. Now, 3 years later having gotten my health stable, I called to resume training. To my surprise, the person I originally signed up with had left the company. I was pretty nervous that I was out all that money, but when I spoke to the corporate office, they assured me that Luis would be able to step in and continue with the training. It is a long standing joke in my family that Lilly, my goofy goldendoodle, is not trainable. She jumps and spins when people come over and she is happy. She doesn't listen to me when I call her. She pretty much ran the house her way. Well it's been 2 weeks since my training with Luis and I am amazed. Lilly was very much trainable. She loves me being in charge, ie. the alpha of the house. She attentively watches me for permission to do things. She doesn't jump on people. She doesn't even think of walking out a door before me. She obeys my boundary of not going in the kitchen while I'm cooking. My biggest fear was that she would loose her fun loving personality if she became submissive to me. Well I assure you that this is not the case. She is just as happy and goofy as ever. Only difference is she is now well behaved. The way Luis explains the working of dog pack life and how to be the leader of the pack makes perfect sense and works as it should. Of course the training requires that I stick with it consistently, but Lilly is so responsive that it is easy to do. I highly recommend Bark Busters, and especially Luis Escobar as a trainer. You will find the investment is well worth it.

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John | Miami Shores

April-12-2016 Bark busters rating

Luis is a very good and patient trainer. He listened to all of our concerns and addressed all. Buddy is responding well. We are a work in process! We are happy with the methods used and the guarantee. We thank Luis for his promptness and good nature.


Linda | Hollywood

March-17-2016 Bark busters rating

My trainer is Luis Escobar. I recently hired Bark Busters, and I am very satisfied with the progress that my 6 month old puppy has made since Luis has been training Murphy & my family. I had a problem with my rambunctious puppy & texted Luis at 7:00pm, he called me 1 second later and solved my problem. Very happy customer!

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Gilbert | Miami

March-09-2016 Bark busters rating

Very helpful, so far at least a 75% increase in how well our dog is behaving. Luis is gentle and firm with our little dog.

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Gilbert | Miami

March-09-2016 Bark busters rating

Very helpful, so far at least a 75% increase in how well our dog is behaving. Luis is gentle and firm with our little dog.

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Trista | Doral

February-23-2016 Bark busters rating

Luis is a great teacher and very friendly!!! He taught me with all the technique and things I need to do in order to correct my dog's behavior. My dog - Snoopy, is 4.5 years old pointer mixed, I know my Snoopy is a very sweet dog. However, she has pulling on the leash and aggression problem, which frustrated me quite awhile. I would be scared to walk her outside when there are other dogs or people, Snoopy would pull and bark at them. And since she's a 90lbs dog, it's very dangerous when she act like that. Luis gave me a lot of insights as of why she's acting like that and how to correct that. I have been training her for a few weeks, and I do see tremedous improvement in her. But one thing you have to do, is to be consistent and patient. Thank you Luis for everything! It's definitely worth spending the money and time, in exchange of a sweet and now submissive companion.


rachele | miami lakes

February-16-2016 Bark busters rating

Luis is a great trainer. I loved the way he explained the training process. What I thought i knew about my dog was totally wrong. Luis taught me to think and talk dog. My husband and I have see tremendous progress in just a week. Their program works! My dog Jojo has very bad separation anxiety. This was due to me holding him all day and letting him do what he felt like doing. He was the man of the house, until me husband came along. By then, it was to late, he was stuck in his ways. Now, I feel like we have control over Jojo. My husband and I are the leaders of the pack, not Jojo. We called Bark Busters because we are moving from house to a condo and Jojo can not bark like he did at our house. So far so good. He will cry, but not bark loudly. With more training with Bark Busters, I Know Jojo will be the dog we want him to be and most importantly, we don't have to worry about getting kicked out of our condo. Thank you bark Busters thank you luis.

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Rebecca | Miami

February-04-2016 Bark busters rating

Luis is super helpful, patient, knowledgeable and professional.


Rebecca | Miami

February-04-2016 Bark busters rating

Luis is super helpful, patient, knowledgeable and professional.


william | plantation

February-03-2016 Bark busters rating

Louis is a great trainer he really taught me and my american bull dog a lot about what we were both doing wrong i now have a lot more control over Jack and Louis has guided me and taught me skills to be a better master , I would highly recommend Louis as he is highly skilled and knowledgeable in his field , Caesar don't have nothing on him!!

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January-08-2016 Bark busters rating

I have had 2 Labradors prior to this last one COCA. 3 months old chocolat lab with huge personality. I never imagined that I still had things to learn. I was wrong! Luis, not only is a great speaker, but also a great teacher. I have learned in just 3 hours, tricks and informations I never knew or performed. I'm extremely happy of following the course with him and enjoying everyday more the powerful bond between Coca and I. Highly recommend it.

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Ernesto | Miami

November-19-2015 Bark busters rating

The training has been going great so far. I just began the training sessions with Luis, and I can already see improvement from my dog when using the techniques that Luis taught me. The best part of the training is understanding the way a dog thinks. By doing this Luis was able to show me why my dog acted a certain way. My dog was dealing with separation anxiety and non stop barking, but with these techniques I've been slowly but surely calming my dog down so that he doesn't suffer from the anxiety and calms down with the barking.

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Ernesto | Miami

November-19-2015 Bark busters rating

The training has been going great so far. I just began the training sessions with Luis, and I can already see improvement from my dog when using the techniques that Luis taught me. The best part of the training is understanding the way a dog thinks. By doing this Luis was able to show me why my dog acted a certain way. My dog was dealing with separation anxiety and non stop barking, but with these techniques I've been slowly but surely calming my dog down so that he doesn't suffer from the anxiety and calms down with the barking.

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Ernesto | Miami

November-19-2015 Bark busters rating

The training has been going great so far. I just began the training sessions with Luis, and I can already see improvement from my dog when using the techniques that Luis taught me. The best part of the training is understanding the way a dog thinks. By doing this Luis was able to show me why my dog acted a certain way. My dog was dealing with separation anxiety and non stop barking, but with these techniques I've been slowly but surely calming my dog down so that he doesn't suffer from the anxiety and calms down with the barking.

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Ernesto | Miami

November-19-2015 Bark busters rating

The training has been going great so far. I just began the training sessions with Luis, and I can already see improvement from my dog when using the techniques that Luis taught me. The best part of the training is understanding the way a dog thinks. By doing this Luis was able to show me why my dog acted a certain way. My dog was dealing with separation anxiety and non stop barking, but with these techniques I've been slowly but surely calming my dog down so that he doesn't suffer from the anxiety and calms down with the barking.

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Sharon | Miami

November-17-2015 Bark busters rating

I am happy to recommend Luis Escobar of Bark Busters. I reviewed many programs and spoke with 3 different trainers before choosing Bark Busters. After doing my research, and finding that the going rate in Miami ranged from $100 -$125 per hour I felt the fee Bark Busters was charging was more than fair considering their services cover the duration of a year. When I first called Bark Busters I spoke with Luis' wife who spent a lengthy amount of time listening to me describe the problems I was having with my dog. She quickly assessed my situation and was able to shed light on what was happening. I was quite impressed that she was so willing to share with me for the amount of time that she did as I had not as yet committed to using the services of Bark Busters. I recently took ownership of a beautiful rescued German Shepherd that I named Bella. It was apparent that Bella had been abused and soon began showing signs of aggression toward a family member. When our attempts to correct the problem did not yield any results I knew I needed the help of a professional. On Luis' first visit to my home he spent 4 hours with us. We learned many things and Luis was very thorough in sharing valuable information that we needed to correct our problems. After only several days we are seeing small steps of progress and Bella is responding to us. She needs security and boundaries while being trained in a loving and firm way so she can develop confidence and heal from her past abuses. I believe that Luis will not only provide us with the tools and guidance to achieve that but will continue to help us with all the other training needs that we will encounter.


Jim & Bettie | N. Miami Beach

October-29-2015 Bark busters rating

Luis is great! We rescued our dog from the street where someone apparently just dumped her. She is a very smart border collie/ aussie shepherd that had a few issues. Luis' methods are easy to learn and we noticed results immediately. Looking forward to our next meeting.


Mike and Wendy F | Coral Springs

October-20-2015 Bark busters rating

Luis... You are amazing!!! Joey our English Lab has responded so well from your visit that we don't even know who he is... We continue to use your technique on him and look forward to the lifetime guarantee with Joey... Thank you once again!!! Mike and Wendy


Gladys | Miramar

October-20-2015 Bark busters rating

Today was our first session with Luis and I say our because he trained us as owners too. Luis tought us how to communicate with our dog in a way that he understands we are the leaders in the house and not him. Bobbie is a rescued dog and suffers of separation anxiety. Luis tought us some tricks and specific actions we are putting in practise and that we need to consistently reinforce in order to reduce his fear to be alone at home. By following Luis instructions we have seen considerably improvement in Bobbie's behavior in time record.

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Christine | Miami Beach

October-11-2015 Bark busters rating

The training was great! I was very emotional because my dogs are my babies! Luis helped me understand that my dogs see me as the baby and thats why their separation anxiety is so bad. The training without treats or harming my dog helped me understand how I need to communicate with my dog. We are now speaking the same language. It has only been a day, but we will continue to follow the training and make changes permanent. Love Bark Busters and their methods, I would recommend them to anyone!

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Mariana | Miami

October-01-2015 Bark busters rating

Excellent way of instruction and training.

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Thumbtack | Miami

September-21-2015 Bark busters rating

Thumbtack just recognized Miami BarkBusters as best of the Best for the Miami Dade area in the Dog Training category. Based on a perfect reviews record 5 out of 5 stars on every review for 2015. https://static.thumbtack.com/media/pages/profile/widgets/i1.png

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Raquel | Miami

August-13-2015 Bark busters rating

When Luis arrived to our apt we felt a sense of relief because after 2 years of chaos In This apt with 2 dogs we had had enough. We were so well educated on how to react and we were also shocked about the many things we thought we knew but we not correct. With past trainers we used treats and clickers and all of the above which had not worked at all. Luis showed us it was all about body language and showing the dogs we were head of the house hold. Within 3 hours we saw an immediate change in the dogs. After Luis left we remained consistent with the dogs. Today is day 7 and I have to say I do t k ow what Luis did but feels like magic two completely different dogs. We still have work to do but the progress we have just in. 7 days we are forever thankful.

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Meital | Bay Harbor Islands

July-28-2015 Bark busters rating

Luis is definitely my dog whisperer! From the first time he came to my house & he started to explain to me why both my Pomeranians, where behaving the way they were, & training me with wonderful & easy techniques on how I can improve their behavior, I felt confident that I can fix their issues. Both my Pomeranians, 3yrs. old & 7mo. old, have totally opposite personalities with different things they needed guidance with, & were automatically starting to improve from the day Luis came to our house. I must mention, that after my first few experiences with my older dog & trainers, I was extremely frustrated with the high prices I paid & the poor results & no continuing assistantance that I got. Luis, you are worth every penny!!!! Both my dogs & I thank you, not only were you cheaper, but you actually made a positive change & helped in a fast, easy & productive way!! ðŸ˜

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Katy | Coral Gables

July-26-2015 Bark busters rating

It is an absolute pleasure to be working with Luis. We rescued Riley last November, and my husband and I were his last hope. At first we thought we could handle the aggression and anxiety that Riley was experiencing - then we decided to call on Luis to see if he could help us. In the first training my husband and I learned so much, and are so thankful for all of Luis' help and guidance thus far. During the first session we saw improvement without having to bribe him with treats or with force. We are very excited to have Riley at his 100% potential in the upcoming weeks!

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liatt | aventura

July-24-2015 Bark busters rating

Luis was awesome! We highly recommend working with him and Bark Busters if you are experiencing any kind of issue with your dog. Within a day we have a brand new puppy! Its incredible to see! THANK YOU LUIS AND BARK BUSTERS!!!!

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Isabel | Miami

July-09-2015 Bark busters rating

I have a 5 year old Maltese (Fifi) that I rescued. She was always barking and wanting to bite anyone that came close to me. I called Bark Buster and Luis came, he is great and he went over everything with me and helped me to understand why Fifi was acting this way. After the first lesson Fifi is a new dog, she is so much happier and relaxed and she is not barking at or trying to bite everyone that walks by. I honestly never thought this would happen Bark Buster has been a blessing!! Thank you, Luis

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Ana Luisa | Weston

July-08-2015 Bark busters rating

The first training session with Luis was excellent. Very thorough and even thou our puppy Tini is only 12 weeks old and a lot of the issues have not come up yet, Luis put us at ease with what to expect and how to start enforcing positive behavior from the beginning. We are very pleased with Luis and Bark Busters' techniques. We highly recommend Luis and Bark Busters.


Lindsey | Miami Springs

June-15-2015 Bark busters rating

I adopted my 8 month old lab mix, Bali, two weeks prior to the lesson from Miami Dade Animal Services. She barked at visitors, jumped on everyone, wouldn't come when called, was hyperactive on the leash, and to top it all off, had severe separation anxiety. Luis gave us the most amazing tools to train our dog and she is already improved beyond our wildest imaginations. The turn-around was less than 30 minutes into the lesson and since, we have been practicing with the tools and homework he gave us. He trains the owners how to "think like a dog" and the results have been incredible. I am currently studying to become a veterinarian and once I own my own practice, all of my patients will be referred to Luis!

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Linda | Pembroke Pines

June-15-2015 Bark busters rating

Tyler is a 9 month old Pomeranian with a strong mindset to do things his very own way. Luis helped with Tyler's aggression toward all of my kitchen appliances. Before Bark Busters, Tyler would run, bark, screech and attack any appliance that was being used. He is making progress. This morning I opened the door to the dishwasher, Tyler moved away from the kitchen while I used the dishwasher and stood quietly watching me. I was so proud of him and immediately let him know that he is a very good boy. Thank you Luis.

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Harvey | Miami

June-14-2015 Bark busters rating

Dear Luis - Thank you so much for the incredible insight and help with my 8 month Shepherd mix, Lana. I greatly appreciate the help you provided, and there was an immediate difference in Lana's behavior from just one lesson. You are a true professional, and I would highly recommend your services to anyone who needs assistance with their puppy or dog. Thank you again, Harvey Daniels, Miami, FL


Federico | Aventura

June-12-2015 Bark busters rating

Tengo un Jack Russell Terrier que es INCANSABLE. Tenia problemas de ansiedad, de saltarle a la gente, tiraba al caminar y basicamente hacia lo que EL queria. Despues de 2 horas con Luis, era otro perro (en el buen sentido), respondia a los comandos, entendia que tenia que hacer lo que YO le decia. Luis me dio el conocimiento de poder hablar perro, ahora me entiendo con Burpee. Ah, y en 2 horas Burpee NO JALABA LA CORREA AL CAMINAR!!! Las mejores 4 horas que tuve aprendiendo a entender y hablar el idioma de los perros! Gracias Luis por toda tu ayuda!

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Julie & Jesus | Miami

June-02-2015 Bark busters rating

We are so happy with the response and results of the training. It's like we have a whole different dog. Very impressed and grateful. And a new appreciation and love for our Rocco. Thank you so much for giving us hope that we can enjoy our new member of the family. We highly recommend the service, and stand by their knowledge and professionalism.

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Audrey | Hollywood

May-27-2015 Bark busters rating

My husband and I are expecting our first child in August and I knew I needed to do something about Sugar's barking, jumping and pulling on the least before the baby came, but I didn't know what to do and honestly, after 6 years of trying to unsuccessfully control Sugar's behavior (including lessons at PetSmart, a barking collar, training books, etc), I wasn't sure anything would work. A couple of months ago, I noticed a brochure at Sugar's vet's office that had a dog behavior quiz. I filled it out and Sugar (as expected) got a D. I visited the BarkBusters website and sent Luis an email explaining the situation and Sugar's behavior problems. Luis was able to schedule our training session the next Saturday and I was truly shocked by the results of our 3 hour session - Sugar is like a different dog. She listens to me and my husband, the barking has decreased to virtually nothing (a quick "Bah!" stops any barking as soon as it begins - even when directed at the mailman, who is Sugar's arch nemesis). We have been consistent with the exercises and best practices we learned in the training session and we don't make exceptions (which I think is important). I cannot recommend Luis highly enough. He is like a miracle worker. Bless the "bah!"

BarkingJumping upPullingSeparation anxiety

Abby | Dania Beach

May-13-2015 Bark busters rating

Luis was great! He educated not only the dog but the other members of my household. He showed me so many tricks and made the training fun! I am glad to be on the right track and happy to continue my training!

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Raul | Miami Shores

May-08-2015 Bark busters rating

Today I am very happy with the result of the techniques learned. I was about to return the dog only by the behavior in the first three weeks and I gave myself the chance to hire a coach to see if things changed ... and now I really love my dog and my original idea of returning back the dog seen like something crazy !!! Can't do it now!!! My biggest problem is that being my first dog I did not know how to communicate with her and now I understand how dogs can get to understand what you are trying to teach them and achieve good behavior... Thanks you Luis!!!

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Pilar | Miami Beach

April-28-2015 Bark busters rating

Luis is a great trainer and helped us deal with our new puppy Chihuahua Nacho. We know this is a process but the changes in our dog from our first visit were impressive and I have already recommended Bark Busters to a friend of mine.

BarkingJumping upPuppy management

Irene | Pembroke Pines

April-18-2015 Bark busters rating

Luis Escobar was amazing. He is very knowledgeable and patient. On Diesel's first visit with Luis he had an immediate change. The tips he gave us to train Diesel were helpful and Diesel was receptive.

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