Most behavioral issues are learned based on both experiences and environment. That’s why in home dog training is so effective because this is where most behavioral issues occur and it’s where your dog feels the safest. Because your dog can’t speak English and you can’t “speak dog” many miscommunications occur. At Bark Busters, we can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands.

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This training has been life changing for Mila and I. We have been in the program for 4 month , from day one I started to see a change in her behavior. Luis has of course been instrumental in this very […]

Carolina | Miami, Miami-Dade

Luis has been absolutely amazing! From the first day he taught us tricks that changed Beny's behavior immediately. Beny was somewhat aggressive (with strangers and other dogs/cats/etc) and he was kind […]

Eva | Miami, Miami-Dade

We were very desperate when we called Bark Busters. Our 4 year old Max was marking the entire house and after trying a few different things with no success, we were giving up. We then had Luis come to […]

Aline | Pompano Beach, Broward

I was very surprised to see the results of my dog training in the first day. I didn’t expect to see them so quickly. Luis explained everything the way we understood and gave us the necessary […]

Mirtha | Miami, Miami-Dade

Luis is nothing short of a miracle worker. My 14 year old wire-haired Dachshund, Max, developed severe separation anxiety when I moved to FL with him in mid-April 2020 after we had been sheltering […]

Robin | Ft. Lauderdale

Luis gave me specific tools that have proved invaluable in training my Westie. I left our first session feeling empowered, and the tips he gave me have continued to work. When new issues arise, he's […]

Liz | Miami, Miami-Dade

I was referred Bark Busters by my Vet. I rescued Paco an 8-10 year old chihuahua. He was barking and aggressively lunging at my neighbors as they would walk by Not a good thing I was honestly […]

Chris | Fort Lauderdale, Broward

Luis is an exceptional trainer. He teaches the owner first to be able to train the dog. Romeo was hyperactive on walks and around people and he completely changed after our first session. I would […]

Maria | Miami, Miami-Dade

Meeting Luis E. was amazing, my doggie Zoey immediately reacted to the techniques he implemented for her. From the beginning he was able to explain everything with so much detail, it was so helpful, […]

Anna | North Miami

It has been a pleasure to meet Luis and listen to his recommendations, his way of teaching is simple and practical. Thank you Luis for your help. […]

Marcela | Miami, Miami-Dade

First training session went well. We learned a lot more than training techniques for our young Belgian Malinois, Cane. We learned about the way dogs think and operate in general, which was helpful for […]

Emalee | Coconut Creek

Luis has been phenomenal! Our dog, Beano, was not doing great in many situations. He was very hard to manage when walking outside, barking aggressively at other dogs, barking at people upon entering […]

Emma | Miami

we have worked with two prior trainers before finding Luis. other trainers, while highly recommended did not assist us in establishing lasting behavior change. bribery with a cookie is easy to […]

samantha | Miami Beach, Miami-Dade

AMAZING! I’ll start by saying that the service from the moment I picked the phone to call them , to the moment Luis (dog behaviorist and trainer) came to my house , everything has been amazing . To […]

Paula | Hialeah, Miami-Dade

Luis was an extremely professional and accomplished dog trainer. Within a relatively short time frame, all concerning behaviors were addressed and we were able to see major changes in them. […]

Loriana | Miami, Miami-Dade

I have two Yorke’s and have been having a lot of problems with them barking excessively, especially when I am not home. They are 4 years old and I just recently moved into a high rise building. […]

Autumn | Lauderdale by the sea

Luis is one of a kind. A true professional. He has been helping us get our beloved dog Ron get some bad behaviors under control. The trick with Luis is he doesn’t teach the dog, he teaches the […]

Kevin | Miami, Miami-Dade

Luis thank you so much for coming to our home. You are amazing. My husband and I were in shock of how well our dog responded to the training. So much for the saying that you cannot teach an old dog […]

Barbara | Miami, Miami-Dade

My first 3+ hour session with Luis was an eye opener. 40+ years of training dogs was altered with Luis's Dog's Perception Training Method. I have my work cut out for me, but if i master the "language […]

IVY | Miami

Luis was amazing. He instantly got my dog and I, on the same page. I hate to say it but we received instant results. From the moment we were taught to get respect from her, in regards to the door, […]

Elizabeth | Miami Gardens

he technique used by barkbusters trainer is unique and very easy. We had four unruly dogs and with Luis' help our home is now civil and an easy-going, nuisance barking free zone in a bout 3 days we […]

Carlos | Miramar

I Have used Bark Busters for the past year. Luis is absolutely amazing. I called Luis again to help me with Zena, a doberman shepard mix. She has become a little aggressive and barking at everything. […]

Elayna | Margate

Luis came to our house and spend 3 hours with us and our puppy. He was AMAZING, extremely knowledgeable and helped not only our puppy, but taught us how to handle her behavior. Definitely, the best […]

Kendra | Miami

Luis came and explained al the steps I had to do with my dog , the main thing is to be consistent I will be giving an update once I finish my 5 week homework . The key is to follow his advice and be […]

Claudia | Miami, Miami-Dade

I honestly don’t know what we would have done without Luis! Worth absolutely every penny, and more. He educated us how to be the best “puppy parents” we could possibly be, and has been there […]

Alex | Miami

Luis is simply great at his job. He trains you so you can train your dog. Since hiring him, my dog is 95% better. I’m very happy with Luis. […]

Calvin | Miami, Miami-Dade
Gary Keith

I must say that we were quite skeptical of trainers because this was our 4th trainer, and the first 3 were not very productive. However, our experience with Luis Escobar has been very positive and […]

Gary Keith | Miami Beach, Miami-Dade

Luis is an AMAZING trainer!!! My puppy Motek responded and absorbed the training after the first time Luis taught us how to stop his bad behavior. We just started the first lesson and less then 5 […]

Brook | Hallandale beach

We absolutely loved working with Luis and we were so excited when we saw results with our Lulu immediately. During the training, it was easy to see how much Lulu took to Luis, connected with him and […]

Erica | Miami, Miami-Dade

Luis was great. As first time dog owners, we needed "puppy coaching". After trying other trainers with minimal results, Luis exceeded our expectations. No need for shock collars or bribing dog with […]

Aileen | Fort Lauderdale, Broward

Luis did an amazing job in helping me understand dog behavior. I found the initial consultation process very insightful and more importantly Pax was responding quickly and effectively to each new […]

Rusty | Miami, Miami-Dade

Luis is a wonderful and expert trainer. He knows how to teach people to train dogs. He keeps the focus on the principles needed to successfully raise a dog. I've taken and put those principles in a […]

David | Miami, Miami-Dade

Luis has spent a number of sessions with my wife, myself and our Silver Labrador who is two years and three months old. A very sweet dog overall, however, we did spoil him and treat him as a youngster […]

john | Fort Lauderdale, Broward

Almost a year after Luis first worked with us and Ranger, we called him back for a refresher session. We were pleased last year and started really working with Ranger and then just sort of let things […]

Kathry | Miami, Miami-Dade

Luis was professional, patient and helped me solve all the issues with my dogs In just a few hours. […]

Yosmel | Hialeah, Miami-Dade

Wow what a difference it makes to learn "puppy talk". Being with Luis was like getting a PHD In understanding my dog. It is so much more than just sit and stay. In just a few days we are on the […]

Leah | Miami

Wow what a difference it makes to learn "puppy talk". Being with Luis was like getting a PHD In understanding my dog. It is so much more than just sit and stay. In just a few days we are on the […]

Leah | Miami

I had a wonderful second lesson with Luis. He came within one week of my contacting him and he was very responsive. His initial visit with me was approximately eight months before. I moved into a […]

Shawn | Miami

OMGOSH, OMGOSH!!!!!! I wish I could give Luis Escobar 10 stars!!!!!!!!! I was anxiously awaiting today for Luis to train my German Shepherd, Heidi!! Luis showed me, how to get Heidi to do the behavior […]

Margaret | North Miami

I can't speak highly enough about Luis and Bark Busters! It was the best money every spent. I contacted Bark Busters because my rescue, Lucy had fear anxiety and showing dominant traits. She was […]

Edie | Coral Gables

Luis was excellent. He watched Milo and interacted with him so he could see the behaviors I want to correct. He helped me recognize the triggers for each behavior and carefully explained and […]

Cecelia | Miami
Renée M.

Luis Escobar is over the top, and my very own "dog whisperer!!" Every time he visits, he blows me away with his knowledge, insight, patience, enthusiasm, and --most important -- love for my smart and […]

Renée M. | Bay Harbor Islands

We haven't been able to correct our dog's behavior , we have tried about 3 different trainers. Luis, with Bark Busters, was our last hope. Ron (our dog and love of our life) has issues with nipping at […]

Andrea | Miami

Amazing experience will recommend Mr Luis Escobar .Thank you so much […]

Thays | Aventura

A MIRACLE !!! LUIS TRULY IS THE MIRACLE WORKER (as another client reported) in Changing Dog Behavior using the Bark Busters Technique! Luis gave me MY MIRACLE today as He changed my dog's behavior […]

Monee | Miami Beach

The training taught me how to deal with my dog. The training is more about the owner and how you train and treat your dog. Luis was an amazing teacher. I'm happy with the excercises. I work retail so […]

Jessica | Miami

Leo has barking and aggression problems. Luis gave me the correct instructions to help Leo with those problems. After working with those techniques, Leo had positive result in the first lesson!! […]

Paulina | Sunny Isles Beach

Luis is amazing trainer. He had an instant connection with our two minuter schnauzer. Our puppies behavior changed instantaneously. We were flabbergasted on how effective bark buster methodologies are […]

Larry | Hialeah

Luis very polite friendly and knowledgeable. The results were immediate. Currently the barking is under control when in the past I could not get them to stop barking wow what a relief. Thank you […]

vivian | Pembroke Pines

Luis was exceptionally well-mannered and understanding about all the issues I was facing with my dogs. Some background, I have a five year old Labrador Retriever mix and another less than year old […]

Shawn | Miami

Luis is truly amazing!! I am astonished by the help I received today along with all the things I've learned. Prince is already a changed little man! I highly recommend Luis […]

Arianna | miami beach

Thank you Luis for your help... me and my family have a lot to work to do but having Mojo be more confident, and better ha no price! […]

Valeria | Miami

Yoy are the best. you are real professional Thank You very much!!!!! […]

Gregory | Sunny Isles Beach

Amazing. The dog's behavior has significantly improved and they are much calmer. […]

Camille | Miami

Today I had a follow up visit with Luis Escobar and the training of my dog, Gizmo. I couldn't be more happy. Luis refreshed me on some of the lessons I learned last time. It was great to see the […]

SCOTT | Miami Beach

Incredible system. My family is thrilled with the results and we look forward to continuing the training. […]

Philip | Miami

I am amazed by this wonderful experience. Luis was INCREDIBLE! He explained exactly why my puppy behaves the way he does and how to fix the behavior. In just 2 hours, my family and I learned so much […]

Stephanie | Tamiami

Seldom do I take the time to write a review, but I had to make an exception for Luis Escobar with Bark Busters. I met with Luis recently for in-home training with my one year old puppy, Gizmo. I had […]

Scott | Miami Beach

I am overwhelmed by the amazing difference in Baxter. He is happy, relaxed, controlled and genuinely a joy to walk! He has taken to everything we learned nearly immediately and as we continue to […]

Tony | Dania Beach

I am very grateful to Luis Escobar. He is a very kind and knowledgeable and professional. In less than 2 hours, my dog did things that I had never achieved, for example, walking beside me, obeying […]

Shadya | Miami

Luis was wonderful. His narrative was very thorough and he gave terrific examples and analogies. He was very respectful of the relationship between us and our dog, and understood that we did not […]

Diana | Miami

Very productive, very insightful, very helpful […]

Ryan | South miami

Luis was amazing with our beloved dogs ,the way he explained what and how the training would go. The dogs responded very well to what Luis was trying to show us and them. Now we just have to reinforce […]

Edward | cooper city

We love Luis! Corky responded very well and we look forward to lesson 2. Luis is very patient and kind and glad we found him! […]

Kim | Plantation

Luis is very professional and has a lot of knowledge in dog behavior. From the first lesson Indigo was very responsive and Luis was very patient with us, our questions and the mistakes we made trying […]

Melissa | Miami

This has been our first experience training a dog, so we needed help on everything. Bhindi was just 3 months old and a super energetic Jack Russell / Parsons Russell terrier mix rescue, who was […]

Crystal | Davie
Scott & Ramona

Luis and Bark Busters training will change your life with your dog. We started using him after much research when Montana was a puppy. Since the first visit until today,which was visit number four, […]

Scott & Ramona | Miami Beach

I have my dog for 5 years and he barks, he is aggressive and he used to pull me like crazy. But after Luis came to help, he changed that in 3 mins. He didnt even touched my dog. And he gave me […]

Ebru | Miami

Luis Escobar is the best! This man saved my and my dog Chloe's life. I was at my wits end and he came in and immediately answered all my questions and solved my dog's behavioral problems. I just can't […]

Janet | Hollywood

EXCELLENT! Luis gave me excellent advice and guidance to have the perfect puppy.. Even though my puppy was quite easy, his guidance and common sense helped me to keep my patience when he became […]

Alex | Miami Beach

Daisy is a very shy dog, who I rescued two years ago. Most of the time, she got along with my husband, but would growl or bark at him, if he made sudden movements. She also lunged and barked playfully […]

Ronda | Miramar

I am truly bewildered. Bowie was impossible before Luis came over and gave us our first lesson. When we read other reviews we were skeptical but it was really amazing. It was as though he put a […]

Jessica | Bal Harbour

When we reached out to Luis, our dog was unpredictable with dogs and strangers, something we didn't know how to handle. In the first session, Luis taught us simple techniques for walking and […]

Melissa | Miami Beach

I had signed up with Bark Busters 3 years ago because I liked the idea of a lifetime guarantee. I know from having my previous dog trained how quickly I ended up spending $1,200 after a few months […]

Gwen | Cooper City

Luis is a very good and patient trainer. He listened to all of our concerns and addressed all. Buddy is responding well. We are a work in process! We are happy with the methods used and the […]

John | Miami Shores

My trainer is Luis Escobar. I recently hired Bark Busters, and I am very satisfied with the progress that my 6 month old puppy has made since Luis has been training Murphy & my family. I had a […]

Linda | Hollywood

Very helpful, so far at least a 75% increase in how well our dog is behaving. Luis is gentle and firm with our little dog. […]

Gilbert | Miami

Very helpful, so far at least a 75% increase in how well our dog is behaving. Luis is gentle and firm with our little dog. […]

Gilbert | Miami

Luis is a great teacher and very friendly!!! He taught me with all the technique and things I need to do in order to correct my dog's behavior. My dog - Snoopy, is 4.5 years old pointer mixed, I know […]

Trista | Doral

Luis is a great trainer. I loved the way he explained the training process. What I thought i knew about my dog was totally wrong. Luis taught me to think and talk dog. My husband and I have see […]

rachele | miami lakes

Luis is super helpful, patient, knowledgeable and professional. […]

Rebecca | Miami

Luis is super helpful, patient, knowledgeable and professional. […]

Rebecca | Miami

Louis is a great trainer he really taught me and my american bull dog a lot about what we were both doing wrong i now have a lot more control over Jack and Louis has guided me and taught me skills to […]

william | plantation

I have had 2 Labradors prior to this last one COCA. 3 months old chocolat lab with huge personality. I never imagined that I still had things to learn. I was wrong! Luis, not only is a great speaker, […]


The training has been going great so far. I just began the training sessions with Luis, and I can already see improvement from my dog when using the techniques that Luis taught me. The best part of […]

Ernesto | Miami

The training has been going great so far. I just began the training sessions with Luis, and I can already see improvement from my dog when using the techniques that Luis taught me. The best part of […]

Ernesto | Miami

The training has been going great so far. I just began the training sessions with Luis, and I can already see improvement from my dog when using the techniques that Luis taught me. The best part of […]

Ernesto | Miami

The training has been going great so far. I just began the training sessions with Luis, and I can already see improvement from my dog when using the techniques that Luis taught me. The best part of […]

Ernesto | Miami

I am happy to recommend Luis Escobar of Bark Busters. I reviewed many programs and spoke with 3 different trainers before choosing Bark Busters. After doing my research, and finding that the going […]

Sharon | Miami
Jim & Bettie

Luis is great! We rescued our dog from the street where someone apparently just dumped her. She is a very smart border collie/ aussie shepherd that had a few issues. Luis' methods are easy to learn […]

Jim & Bettie | N. Miami Beach
Mike and Wendy F

Luis... You are amazing!!! Joey our English Lab has responded so well from your visit that we don't even know who he is... We continue to use your technique on him and look forward to the lifetime […]

Mike and Wendy F | Coral Springs

Today was our first session with Luis and I say our because he trained us as owners too. Luis tought us how to communicate with our dog in a way that he understands we are the leaders in the house and […]

Gladys | Miramar

The training was great! I was very emotional because my dogs are my babies! Luis helped me understand that my dogs see me as the baby and thats why their separation anxiety is so bad. The training […]

Christine | Miami Beach

Excellent way of instruction and training. […]

Mariana | Miami

Thumbtack just recognized Miami BarkBusters as best of the Best for the Miami Dade area in the Dog Training category. Based on a perfect reviews record 5 out of 5 stars on every review for 2015. […]

Thumbtack | Miami

When Luis arrived to our apt we felt a sense of relief because after 2 years of chaos In This apt with 2 dogs we had had enough. We were so well educated on how to react and we were also shocked about […]

Raquel | Miami

Luis is definitely my dog whisperer! From the first time he came to my house & he started to explain to me why both my Pomeranians, where behaving the way they were, & training me with wonderful & […]

Meital | Bay Harbor Islands

It is an absolute pleasure to be working with Luis. We rescued Riley last November, and my husband and I were his last hope. At first we thought we could handle the aggression and anxiety that Riley […]

Katy | Coral Gables

Luis was awesome! We highly recommend working with him and Bark Busters if you are experiencing any kind of issue with your dog. Within a day we have a brand new puppy! Its incredible to see! THANK […]

liatt | aventura

I have a 5 year old Maltese (Fifi) that I rescued. She was always barking and wanting to bite anyone that came close to me. I called Bark Buster and Luis came, he is great and he went over everything […]

Isabel | Miami
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